The Masks We Put On…

Fake People???

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How to Connect with Difficult People

In our daily lives and at work we are going to deal with difficult people. Your ability to focus on the good in them, will allow you to look beyond their flaws. Looking for the good in yourself and others is what will position you as an effective leader and an excellent communicator. Both qualities are essential to moving forward and get things done.

Defying the Odds with Emotional Strength

When I first decided to go on my own, Non of the circumstances around me suggested that it was going to be possible. I was in debt to the banks Homeless at some point No stream of income coming in My friends even told me to stop the nonsense and go get a job, but I wasnt having any of it. In my mind the dream was mine for the taking because I had already drilled it into my nervous system by using the exercise that I share in this video. Not only was I convinced, it was now a conviction that I was going to make it happen. Your ability to stay certain in times of uncertainty is what will allow you to overcome the toughest times and achieve greatness.

The Most Unlimited Version of Yourself

As human being we were not designed just to survive. We were built to thrive. To express ourselves and become the most unlimited versions of ourselves.


Do not aim to survive. Aim to thrive.



Become a Person of Value

Success is about becoming a person of Value. We always hear “Give value” but how do we do that?

In this video I’m going to give you 4 way of doing so. If you work on just one of them you will become a person of value. If you work on all 4, you will become a force to be reckoned with.

The Power of Focus

Your Focus will Determine your Reality.

This video was recorded during a sales training that I gave to a group of salespeople. In this part of the training, I was explaining how successful people have a different mental focus and attention than the rest and that’s why they get different results in life.


Let me know your opinion on Mental Focus and Attention and leave a comment below.


Become Rich by Managing Your Money

To become rich you’re going to have to learn to manage your money by doing the following: 1. Earning money 2. Saving 10 percent of it 3. Investing your savings on something that generates passive income. Passive income is income you make while you sleep, without trading your time for money. Then repeat the whole process of managing your money on your passive income.