Blood, Sweat and Tears

Mastery requires blood, sweat, and tears.

Mastery… you could struggle, but it is so much sweeter when you make it to the other side!

We look up to the champions, masters, icons, leaders of their domain in awe and admiration.


We see the admiration, glory, and the final polished product. However, we forget what’s happened behind the scenes. How messy it was. The struggle. The worry. The insecurity.


The blood, sweat, and tears. Mastery requires sacrifice. You will suffer a lot but If you are persistent enough, I’m telling you, it is so much sweeter on the other side 😉 Remember, Sam’s got your back.

The Pursuit of Shadow Goals

Be Careful Not Pursue Shadow Goals.


Most of the people on the planet are in the Pursuit of shadow goals.

Shadow goals are goals that will give them approval from others, rather than goals that truly fulfill them.


We have the media skilfully pushing their products on us by telling us that if we buy their products we will be higher status.

The media, social media, series, movies are constantly bombarding us, influencing most of us on what buy and goals to pursue. We are being programmed to pursue shadow goals more than ever now.


It will take the strength of character and awareness to see through all the bull shit out there and to pursue your true goals. Full video on my bio Remember, Sam’s got your back.


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Money Psychology

Psychology of Money:

Reasons why you’re broke and how to fix it!

Money is energy.

If you are struggling with it, it’s because you do not have a good relationship with it. Examine your thinking about money. Money does not go where it’s not respected.

Remember, Sam’s got your back.
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Leaders Create Culture

Inspiring leadership requires a certain type of maturity.

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You might be at the top, however, it doesn’t mean that you are fit to lead.

When I am asked to step into a company and change their culture, a lot of my work is on moulding their leaders’ way of thinking. Once their thinking changes, their behaviour at work and in their private lives will also start to change for the better. And our behaviours have an echo effect on the world around us. This is where we begin to see a change in the level of company culture.






Nature is Therapy

Disconnect and Connect!

Untangled with your thoughts…


It’s easy sometimes to get tangled up with our thoughts and our problems.

That’s why it is essential to disconnect from our environment. To distance ourselves from it.


For me, nature has always been my therapy for years. When I sit with it, My conscious mind rests. I become at ease. My unconscious starts to untangle from my problems and worries. Sooner or later my creativity flows and the solutions start to surface.


With Mother Nature, is where we ultimately belong. Go back to it. Be one with it. Connect!



Do You want to Be Somebody?


Nowadays, especially with the birth of social media, people are trying to be “somebody” more than ever. Somebody successful, Important, or Famous. Be careful what you wish for. Because in that pursuit of being “somebody”, you risk losing the essence of your unique self. That’s a great recipe for failure and unfulfillment.


Never Compromise on Your Vision

Guess where I am?

4 years ago I couldn’t afford my rent. Now I have the freedom to travel and see the world for a month every Ramadan.

I used to tell myself in those most difficult times that one day I will be able to afford the lifestyle I want.


Rome was one of those places that I used to dream of visiting. Now that dream is a reality. I worked hard for it and I can proudly say that I have earned it.


Never compromise on your vision. Those that commit themselves to it, against all odds, will always find a way.

The Masks We Put On…

Fake People???

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