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Does your work require that give presentations? Does it make you nervous? Your ability to speak intelligently in front of an audience weather on stage or in a business setting will position you as an authority figure and a leader. This course will give you helpful tips for making effective speeches and delivering them with impact. You’ll learn how to conquer your nervousness and claim your confidence in front of people as well as how to organize a presentation, making it memorable, and how to communicate clearly. This training is all about practicing. You’ll have several opportunities to demonstrate your presentation in front of an audience.
Training Objectives

  • Mental Preparation
    • Fear factors when Presenting
    • The Importance of An Effective Presentation
    • Effective Communication
    • The Triad (Body Language, Focus, and Internal Dialogue) + Exercises
    • Believing In Yourself + Exercise
    • Body Language, Gestures, and Eye Contact + Exercises
    • Voice tonality + Exercises
  • Preparing Your Presentation:
    • Knowing Your Audience
    • Understanding what is Expected from You and the Purpose of You Presenting
    • Preparing the Presentation outline and Presentation Criteria
  • Putting Presentation to Practice:
    • Preparing the Introduction, Presenting to the Group, and Collecting Feedback
    • Preparing the Main Body, Presenting to the Group, and Collecting Feedback
    • Preparing the Conclusion, Presenting to the Group, and Collecting FeedbackM/li>
    • Final Presentation: Reviewing the whole presentation and presenting to the group
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